BookTubers I watch!

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I know a lot of people go on the internet and watch videos on YouTube. It’s a great thing. I like watching YouTube a lot. And I love to read books a lot. So that means I like to watch BookTubers. Not that all book fans watch BookTubers or YouTube, but I do, so that’s what I’m talking about now.

Now, time to rant on about BookTubers that watch on nearly a daily basis – part of my daily routine – ‘Watch my favourite BookTubers for 2 hours’. Ok, maybe I don’t watch BookTubers for 2 hours a day but I watch them so I’m telling who I enjoy watching.

*these aren’t in any certain order*

  1.  PeruseProject


She is really funny and I love watching her videos.

2. abookutopia


Very witty, funny and creative. I like watching her videos. Abookutopia was actually the first BookTuber I ever watched.

3. Katytastic


Very cool,unique videos.

4. readbyzoe


I love everything coming from this channel.

5.  polandbananasBOOKS


Some of her videos are quite hilarious. I like watching her booktalk.


And that is all!! Five BookTubers that I enjoy watching. (I have no idea why the pictures came out blurry, I tried it a few times – but no luck.)

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