Authors I haven’t read

There are a lot of famous authors, as you probably know, but there are some whose books have not yet been read by me.  

I hope to someday to get my hands on all the books in the universe these books, but until then, they still remain as To Be Read (TBR). I know it would be a smart idea to order them online from the local library if I don’t happen to find them in a shop, or if all the online stores are a bit too pricey for my liking. But I’ll get around to that in a while. First I have to finish reading my other library books before they are due back. I don’t want to be fined 20c per book (I know, so expensive!) which would come to the total of €1 – because I have five books left to bring back to the library (I can count).

So let me get started on this long list of amazing authors whose books unfortunately haven’t come into my belonging.


  • Sarah J. Maas – Throne of Glass series
  • Leigh Bardugo – Grisha Trilogy
  • Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson
  • Kathleen Baldwin – Stranje house Series
  • Renee Ahdieh – The Wrath and the Dawn 

If I included any more the list would never end.

If you have read books by all of those authors, well good for you!!!

Yes, I do feel ashamed of myself…

4 thoughts on “Authors I haven’t read

  1. If you wanted to read the Grisha Trilogy, you can:

    1) ask me! I have the first two books on Kindle

    2) Order them from our library – I’m getting Ruin and Rising, because although I have the ePub I just hate reading on my tablet

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