Book Review: Fire and Flood


And if your thinking ‘Ah sure they won’t be THAT big’  then YOU ARE WRONG.



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This was not good.  This was TERRIBLE. But yet, it wasn’t as bad as Twilight. God, don’t get me started about that.


Title: Fire and Flood

Author: Victoria Scott

Rating: ⭐

Oh. My. God. I say that too much. I CAN’T BELIEVE that I even managed to finish this rubbish. I’m so glad that I mainly read books from the library then buy them if they’re good, because this book would’ve been a WASTE OF MONEY. And I don’t say that often about books.


First of all, this is MY PERSONAL OPINION and I don’t care if you loved this book and hate me because I Hated it (with a capitol ‘H’). Because that is not my problem gal.

Well, this book was a mix up of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner and Divergent. Maybe there were a few other books mixed up in there, but I mustn’t have read them yet (I feel so ashamed saying that).

Erm, the Pandoras. They just sound like fairy magical creatures that got stuffed into the book to make it sound better. And Tella’s little Madox. A cute little fox that can change into different animals. Awwww. HOW SWEET. Not. And then there are the mysterious Pharmies who make the Pandoras. OOOOOOOH. How original.


She is a moany little crybaby. Then this whole hero act of her running off to save her brother. How LOVELY. And then the kind of relationship with Guy. Ooh. It seems to be every time Tella wakes up, Guy is beside her. That’s kind of creepy.

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Well I never. I think he is just PLAIN WEIRD. He’s always protecting Tella and then saunters off when she asks for him at random times. What about when they were in the desert? He just tells everyone ‘leave the supplies’. Umm, EXCUSE ME (using my manners), but what was that??? 


I didn’t get it. They don’t explain about the race AT ALL.

Tella: ‘Guys I’m just going to  compete in the Brimstone Bleed, I’ll be back in a couple of months. Unless I’m dead. But anyway, CHEERIO!!!

Parent: What is the Brimstone Bleed??

Tella: Donno.


Harper’s Map

Ok… It’s not weird for one of the contenders to get her Pandora (an eagle) to friggin’ scratch out a map on her stomach with it’s razor sharp claws. That is just WAAAAAAAAAAY too unrealistic. The book is fake and weird enough, it does not need that in it.

Dink The Pandora

Well, I kind of got the idea that something was going on. BUT NOT THAT. It was strange to have a eight year old in the race to be honest, but I did NOT expect Dink to be Caroline’s Pandora. Now that was a surprise.

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Thanks 4 reading wth face

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