Bookish April Fool Prank Ideas (I know it’s a bit late)

Ok, I know it is WAAAAAAY to late for posting, but I have come up with ideas and found some online, so I just HAD to share them.


A fake dollar bill bookmark.
You will need only a book, a person to prank, a dollar bill (or a fake one printed off the internet) and some paper. First get the dollar bill and cut the corner off it. Then stick it on the corner of a scrap of paper which is cut to the size (or ripped) to fit inside your book. Next, you can write something like ‘ha ha’ on the page if ya fell like doing it. Then stick it in the book with the dollar bill corner sticking out, and it’ll look like someone swapped their bookmark with a dollar bill.

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Bookshelf Pranks!

  • Make their bookshelf into a ‘Mystery Bookshelf’
  • Newspaper-ify all their books
  • Take all the books of their bookshelf and hide them somewhere
  •  Replace all their books with movies

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Empty bookshelf –
DVD’s on bookshelf –
Mystery shelf –
Newpapered books –

Cover their floor with all the books from their shelf.


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Change the spines on books to made up names and authors

It looks best if you print the spines out, but you can always hand write them if you don’t want to waste ink and stuff like that.

Glue your enemy’s favourite books shut


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So that is pretty much all my prank ideas that involve bookish things. Well, there are WAY MORE, but my list would be never ending if I was listing all of them.

Thanks 4 reading wth face

2 thoughts on “Bookish April Fool Prank Ideas (I know it’s a bit late)

  1. Ahahaha nice! I pranked my best friend (who also LOVES to read) on April Fool’s last year, by stealing her book and taping a blank piece of paper inside (in the inside jacket) and scribbling all over it in markers 😂. She only bought it for a few seconds.

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