A new thing on my blog: Not Book-ish (intro)

I’m starting this thing called ‘Not Bookish’. Because Live Life Reading is a book blog, I’ve thought that I might want to post something every once in the blue moon that is not BOOK RELATED, so if I do, I don’t want the not bookish posts to be scattered all over my blog, so I’m creating a section/page JUST for non bookish things.

I might post every week, once a month, or every two weeks, I’m not sure. There will probably be a new post there at least once a month, I should think.

The posts will be about anything except books. I could be a wonderful trip I made or a holiday to a movie review (it’s not a book thing…).

Also, I know it isn’t important, but I will be using different header images as well. They could be a picture of the event, or it could be a coloured canvas will some text – like I use for my book posts, but with a different font.

This won’t be taking over my blog or anything – I will still be posting all my bookish posts.

So I just wanted to let you know about this. 

And also, I wanted to tell you, that I MIGHT be changing up the theme, layout and stuff like that on my blog.

Thanks 4 reading wth face

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