The Best Places to get CHEAP Books (in my opinion)

These places might not be THE BEST, but they are where I like to get books. These places are quite cheap.

the book depository

The Book Depository. I LOVE this shop. It’s an online store that doesn’t charge for shipping. LIKE, HOW AMAZING IS THAT? The books are cheap-ish prices (aka you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy them). So, say if I wanted to buy a book, it would only be about €6.99 (we use euro in Ireland). That is a good price. 👍

the library

I mean, I know you don’t get to keep the books when you get them from a library, but you get to read them for free. I don’t know about other libraries, but the one I go to has a site where you can put a hold on books, so then when they are ready, you come and collect them. But, seriously, libraries are amazing, even if you don’t get to keep the books, you get to READ THEM. And that’s what counts.

charity shops

I know you probably are saying I DON’T BUY BOOKS FROM CHARITY SHOPS!!! Well, if  you don’t, ‘I’m here to tell you every inch of them is perfect from the bottom to the top’. Well, the boos are anyway. Most of the time, the books are old and worn out. I know that’s not a good thing, but at least they have been loved by someone else… AHHH. Not all the books are old and worn, some of them are brand new. I remember, I think it was my sister who found Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in a charity chop for €2. AND. The book was hardcover, with the dust jacket. Actually, I don’t like dust jackets, but that’s still a good thing that it was on the book! So, in all, you do get some GOOD BARGAINS in charity shops.

goodreads giveaways

And the last place is Goodreads. I’m talking about the giveaways, if you’re wondering. I know, there is a one in a million chance that you will win a book, but you never know, you might get lucky. And the good part… IT’S FREE. It’s free, so I just enter basically all the giveaways that are for ‘IE’. I, myself, have NEVER EVER won one of those giveaways (unfortunately) but you never know…

And that is all the places I could think of, that are CHEAP OR FREE. I know it’s only four places, but still.

You Tell Me!

  • Do you know any good places to get books?
  • Where is your favourite place to get books?
  • Do you ever get books from a charity shop?
  • Have you ever won a Goodreads Giveaway?

5 thoughts on “The Best Places to get CHEAP Books (in my opinion)

  1. I try to shop locally whenever I can but I remember when I first started blogging and bought my first Kindle, the free books and sales on Amazon eBooks were brilliant. I could find a great range of books and most for free or almost free. Second hand bookstores are a brilliant place to find old copies of books that no longer print as well while picking up a bargain 🙂

    Kelly @ Diva Booknerd

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  2. I use the library all the time! It saves me money and helps support the library so those who can’t afford books or Internet can enjoy it, too! And there is such a thing as too many books. I know people like to collect them, but they are a pain to move.

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