DISCUSSION: YA books. What is the meaning of them?

Recently, I’ve been thinking. Why do I read YA books? So now I’m answering myself in a blog post.

First of all, to me all YA books are more or less the same. If you read about five YA books, you’ve basically read them all. Most of them go by the same story line. There is a character, and they have a boring life, then something amazing happens and they are then a hero. Or, there is a character and something bad happens, and then everything turns out great.

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So nowadays, I’m not that pushed about my reading goal for this year, or my Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge.
I’ve only completed 27 books so far this year (I’m not very proud about that) and I’m already 2 books behind schedule, and my goal for this year is to read 100 books.

I’ve also noticed that on Goodreads most of my friends and a lot of other peoples shelves are filled with YA books. I am one of those people. Now that I’ve read a lot of YA books, I’ve realized that I am KIND OF wasting my time reading them. I know some of them are SO AMAZING that I read them over and over again, and that is normally because they areย unique. And what I mean by unique is that they aren’t just a copy of another YA book with some other stuff smushed inside it to make it different.

I’m not saying that YA books are AWFULLY TERRIBLE, but to be honest, I’ve gone off reading them a tiny bit. Because, I’m not benefiting anything from them. Well, I know they aren’t written for benefit from, it’s for pleasure. But ANYWAY. This is MY opinion, and I can say what I like about books.

So in all, I’ve been trying to explain how I’ve gone a tiny bit off YA books. Because they are basically all the same, and I’m not getting anything out of them.

You Tell Me!

  • Do you think I’m right or wrong?
  • Do you now hate me for saying all of this?
  • How do you feel about YA books?
  • What is your favourite genre of book?
  • Do you think most YA books are the same/go about the same story line?
  • What’s your opinion?

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4 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: YA books. What is the meaning of them?

  1. I totally get where you’re coming from! For a while there, I found myself growing out of YA and planned to start broadening my reading scope, but I read some truly outstanding YA books last year and now I’m hooked again ๐Ÿ˜€ I agree that there’s nothing really to be gained from them but pleasure (and often, guilty pleasure when they’re particularly cliched!) but I don’t think I’ll ever fully leave YA behind. That said, I definitely think there is a point where the absolute minority of what I read will be YA, because I can’t imagine being older than 25 (and onwards) and still loving YA. And yes, they do mostly follow the same plots because those are the ones that get people hooked, but I’m only half complaining (I’m the girl who gets hooked ๐Ÿ˜€ ) Sorry for the essay, I just love talking about this topic. YA is really becoming hit or miss for me, whereas two years ago it would have been a huge part of my reading and could do no wrong! Great post xxx

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    1. Thanks! I was thinking a while ago of parting with YA books, but I just couldn’t. I would probably be still reading YA books when I’m 60. Some of them are just so good, where as the others ones are just… MEH.
      By the way, I don’t mind how long your comment is, I love reading other peoples opinions! ๐Ÿ˜

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  2. I actually agree with you in the sense that if you’ve read five YA books, you’ve read them all. But that actually doesn’t bother me so much. I could read 100 different retellings of Pride & Prejudice, and I’d love it every time. So I think there are just some stories I don’t get sick of. I also like reading them to see if any will surprise me. Because so often I feel like I know exactly what’s going to happen in a book, and usually I’m right. But it’s always a treat to be surprised!

    I’ve always read pretty variedly. I still love reading middle grade and kids books. And I’ve been reading adult books since I was a twelve. I feel like I now read mostly YA because all the Youtubers I watched, blogs I read, and friends I have on Goodreads are all reading YA, so all the suggestions I get are YA, which is why, I think, I’ve been reading it so much.

    Interesting discussion!

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    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s true that when reading most YA books, you can figure out what’s going to happen quite easily. I do like reading YA books, though some of them are just too alike. And like you said, I also read SOME children and middle grade books, but not that often.
      Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜

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