I’m back blogging! + new blog layout

I’m back blogging again! All my exams are over so it’s time for me to get BACK INTO THIS. You may have noticed that I wasn’t very active on Goodreads, and I wasn’t reading as much as normal. So I’m going to try my best to get back on track with everything, and get back to regular-ish posting. During the break from blogging I was taking, I also changed a lot on my blog. Well, I only actually made the changes public yesterday. I spent SO LONG looking through themes, then picking one to test out, then customizing it to my liking, until I found something that was up to my standard (aka one that looked ok with my new blog changes). Then at last I found one, and I changed things up a little.

*I’m using a free Worpress theme called Sketch by Automattic
*I used Canva to edit/make all my new blog designs

So, what does my blog look like now? Let me show you.

I wasn’t bothered to make new header image things for my older/already published posts, so their headers are the same. But posts that I publish now will have the headers matching my new blog design.

When you first open up the site, you will notice that the header is different. COMPLETELY different. I quite like it actually. It goes with the widgets that have my new design, and my featured images for my blog posts. I really like the whole pink background that kind of looks water colour-y and with the black text. All the images pretty much look the same, but it’s better then what I used to have – random coloured images with white text for each post.

follow me on...Then there are the widgets in the sidebar. All of the widgets are on the right side, like I always have them. I donno why, but I prefer them on that side.
The first widget is just a search bar, with the title ‘What are you looking for’ above it. Then there is a little image I made with some basic info about yours truly, and then there is another pic I made with my rating system. I used to have a separate page for my rating system, but I deleted it because I made a widget instead. 10 (1)
Then there is a Worpress follow button, which shows the number of followers I have via WordPress, and underneath that, there is another follow button thing, which is via email. I think used to have a Goodreads reading challenge widget, and one showing what I’m currently reading.
After those three widgets, I have 5 social media icons on the pink background. If you click on the button, it will bring you to my profile for that site.
Under the social media buttons, I have a button I made for my blog, which is just the book thing I like to use, with the name of my blog. Coming second last, I have a monthly quote. The one I currently have is going to be for June, but I put it in there when I was customizing my blog to my liking. And last but not least, I have some badges and achievements.

Onto the posting.

The headers for my posts are like I said, sticking to the ‘theme’ I have. You know the way I used to have the ‘You tell me’ thing at the end of a post? Ya. I still have that, except, I changed it to go with everything else on my blog. At the end of a post now, (underneath the ‘you tell me’) I have a thing that I will ‘sign off’ with. It just has my name and then xoxo.

Thanks for reading, Nicole (1)Book Review (4)

So now that I have FINALLY FINISHED giving you a tour of my new and improved blog, it’s time to wrap up this post.

Book Review (4)

  • Do you think my blog looks better now?
  • Do I still need to improve anything on my blog?
  • Do you ever make MAJOR CHANGES to your blog (if you have one)?

Thanks for reading,

Thanks for reading, Nicole (1)


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