Mid-Year Recap

I’ve figured out that it’s about 1/2 way through the year already. So, I’ve decided to recap on this half of the year and see how everything’s going.

in books

In books, I don’t feel too good, my Goodreads reading challenge is NOT going the best. I don’t mind that much, but I hope that I will complete my goal of 100 hundred books by the end of the year, AND hopefully get more then 100 books read. Last years goal was not very hard to complete. I only decided to go for 50 books, and it worked out well. I read an extra 2 books (I know, so impressive), but I had only joined Goodreads & started the challenge sometime in March, so I HAD missed out on TWO WHOLE MONTHS OF READING.

There are still SO many books on my Goodreads TBR list, but I’ve read a good few out of that never ending pile. I feel like I need to get back into reading still, to be able to reach my goal. I was feeling really pumped at the start of the year AS ALWAYS, and I thought I would have my goal completed by now. UMMM. Fat chance.

Image result for no just no gif

And for my reading & book related things for the first 1/2 of the year, I’d give it:

4 stars

in my blog

Not bad at all. The look of my blog is fine, and I’ve published 40+ posts. Well, I thought I’d have more posts up… but NAW. That didn’t happen. I did get over 50 followers though, and I’m proud of that. I currently have 57 followers. Maybe I’ll get to 100 by the end of the year… I also got over 200 likes on my blog, which is pretty good too. I sort of realized though, that I have only published SEVEN book reviews… I tend to not review books quite often as you can see, but I’m going to try and do one at least one every week from now on.
I only got tagged once, and that was by Sophia (@naturalxmusings) for the Horror Movie Book Tag, so thank you Sophia for tagging me. I did tag myself (sadly) for the Emoji Book Tag because I thought it looked like a good tag to do, and because I hadn’t been tagged for anything else, and I like doing tags.
I got nominated for one award as well which was the Liebster Award, and Sarah (@btweenthepages) nominated me for that, so thank you Sarah for nominating me.

So for my blog & how it’s going so far, I’d rate it:

5 stars

in general

I feel OK with the year so far. Its not going bad but it’s not going good either. SOOOO. It’s OK, I guess. Books are OK, my blog’s not TOO bad going, and I feel like I’m doing good.

Related image

I’d rate it:

4 & a half stars

Book Review (4)

  • How’s your year going?
  • How many books have you read so far this year?
  • Do you feel like you’ve made 2017 a good year?

Thanks for reading,

Thanks for reading, Nicole (1)


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