June Wrap-Up & July TBR

It’s the end of the month again! So it’s time to see how last month went and get some ideas of what to read next month. I’ve decided to lower the amount of books I normally put on my monthly TBR list to 3 books only. The reason for this is because I always feel so annoyed and ashamed when I look at my TBR list at the end of the month, and see that I’ve only read about 2 BOOKS from the list. So, to save myself from being ashamed, I’ve lowered the number.

wrapping up last month



Last month, I set myself a goal of 5 BOOKS to read for the moth, and I only read TWO. I’m ashamed. But, a reason for that is also because I was in a major reading slump, and wasn’t really in the mood for reading most of the time. I wanted to read Flame in the Mist, A Darker Shade of Magic, We were Liars, Red Queen & Clockwork Angel. I only read Red Queen & A Darker Shade of Magic. But I also read The Raven Boys, nut I didn’t have that on last month’s TBR list. You can find my reviews for those here: Book Review: Red Queen & Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic #1) (upcoming review for The Raven Boys).

Los Libros

My blog went down OK I suppose. I got seven post published, and I got 12 new followers on my blog. I pretty proud of getting 12 NEW followers. Seven posts is not very good. To be honest, I haven’t been posting a lot AT ALL through out the year, but that’s going to change sooner or later (preferably sooner).


As I said earlier, I’m going to narrow down the amount of books I WANT TO read each month (not what I do read, that’s always different). And for this month, I’ve decided that I want to finish reading Monsters of Men and read The Dream Thieves & Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Los Libros (3).png

Book Review (4)

  • What do you plan on reading during July?
  • Did you have a TBR last month?
  • Haw did your reading go in June?

Thanks for reading another one of my posts,

Thanks for reading, Nicole (1)


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