T’is Good!

I don’t know about you people, but I heard last night that there was an ASTEROID PASSING EARTH (called 2014 JO25) at 10:00pm (Irish time!). When I first heard about this, I straight away thought: We’re gonna DIE. But I was wrong, otherwise I wouldn’t be hear typing this post.

After a while last night of KIND OF freaking out about this, I heard (again) from the News that NASA said there was NO WAY that the asteroid was going to hit Earth. So I just had a mini celebration inside my head. 😁

So basically, this is just saying how GRATEFUL I am that we are all alive and well today!


DISCUSSION: YA books. What is the meaning of them?

Recently, I’ve been thinking. Why do I read YA books? So now I’m answering myself in a blog post.

First of all, to me all YA books are more or less the same. If you read about five YA books, you’ve basically read them all. Most of them go by the same story line. There is a character, and they have a boring life, then something amazing happens and they are then a hero. Or, there is a character and something bad happens, and then everything turns out great.

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The Best Places to get CHEAP Books (in my opinion)

These places might not be THE BEST, but they are where I like to get books. These places are quite cheap.

the book depository

The Book Depository. I LOVE this shop. It’s an online store that doesn’t charge for shipping. LIKE, HOW AMAZING IS THAT? The books are cheap-ish prices (aka you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy them). So, say if I wanted to buy a book, it would only be about €6.99 (we use euro in Ireland). That is a good price. 👍 Continue reading