May Wrap-Up & June TBR

It’s the end of the month again, so time to get my TBR list back out. I didn’t really have a proper TBR list for the month of May, but I had an idea of what I wanted to read, so I KIND OF stuck with that.
The books that I thought I would get around to reading are The Grisha Trilogy, Traitor to the Throne, The Knife of Never Letting Go, Red Queen and A Darker Shade of Magic.
Out of those I actually read were  Continue reading

The Emoji Book Tag!

*Yes I’m still on a sort of  blogging break – I’m coming back to regular posting soon!

*No, I was not tagged to do this by anyone, and yes, I’m a sad loner who nobody really tags. 

If you are wondering why I’m doing a tag I wasn’t tagged for, here is an amazing answer. I saw this tag over on another book blog (Books are life 987) and I really wanted to do it for some reason (donno why, just seemed fun) so here I am doing it.

So, from what I’ve seen, is that people pick the last five emojis they used like, ANYWHERE, and pick a book that they think is linked to that emoji, and share it with the world. Sounds good to me. Continue reading

Library Book Haul!

*Yes, I am still on a break from blogging, but I said I would make a couple of posts anyway – if I get the chance, which I did.*

*All blurbs and cover images taken from Goodreads*

Technically this post is kind of late, because I got these books from the library about one or two weeks ago (I know, I’ve had them FOR AGES). PLUS, I still haven’t read most of them (completed one and nearly finished another). But that’s not bothering me. So I’m still making this post.

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T’is Good!

I don’t know about you people, but I heard last night that there was an ASTEROID PASSING EARTH (called 2014 JO25) at 10:00pm (Irish time!). When I first heard about this, I straight away thought: We’re gonna DIE. But I was wrong, otherwise I wouldn’t be hear typing this post.

After a while last night of KIND OF freaking out about this, I heard (again) from the News that NASA said there was NO WAY that the asteroid was going to hit Earth. So I just had a mini celebration inside my head. 😁

So basically, this is just saying how GRATEFUL I am that we are all alive and well today!


DISCUSSION: YA books. What is the meaning of them?

Recently, I’ve been thinking. Why do I read YA books? So now I’m answering myself in a blog post.

First of all, to me all YA books are more or less the same. If you read about five YA books, you’ve basically read them all. Most of them go by the same story line. There is a character, and they have a boring life, then something amazing happens and they are then a hero. Or, there is a character and something bad happens, and then everything turns out great.

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